Pharmacies in Turkey

In Turkey, pharmacies, known as “Eczane,” play an essential role in providing healthcare services and medications to the population.Turkey’s Pharmamcy network is highly regulated by the Ministry of Health, guaranteeing the quality and safety of medications distributed to the public.

Some Informations About Pharmacy in Turkey

Pharmacies are easily recognizable by their big E (Eczane) letter on their sign. With nearly 25,000 pharmacies scattered across the country, Turkey boasts a high density of these healthcare establishments. This widespread availability ensures that even in the remotest corners of the country, people have access to vital medications and healthcare advice.

Visiting an eczane is a straightforward process. No appointments are necessary, and you can simply walk in during their working hours. Out of the working hours, you can learn the list of duty pharmacies from the information written on the door of each pharmacy.

In Turkey, prescription is required for addictive or strong drugs. You may need to see a doctor for these.

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