Toilets in Turkey, Alaturca and Alafranga Styles

İn this blog post we examine toilets. In Turkey come in two distinct styles: the traditional Alaturka toilet and the modern Alafranga toilet. Almost at all public toilets, you can find both types of toilets. Let’s mention some informations about toilets in Turkey.

Alaturca Toilets


The Alaturka toilet, also known as the Turkish toilet or squat toilet, is a design deeply rooted in Turkish history and cultural practices. This traditional style can be found in various parts of the country, especially in more rural areas. Alaturka toilets offer a experience that harks back to the Ottoman era, reflecting the lifestyle and hygiene habits of the time.

These toilets consist of a porcelain or ceramic basin set into the floor. Users are required to squat over the basin, which can take some getting used to for those unfamiliar with this posture. While it might seem unusual to travelers accustomed to Western-style toilets, Alaturka toilets hold usefulness of their own.

Alafranga Toilets


Alafranga toilets are similar in design to the familiar Western-style toilets. They consist of a raised ceramic or porcelain bowl accompanied by a seat, allowing users to sit comfortably while using the facilities. This style has become more prevalent in urban areas, hotels, restaurants, and newer buildings, offering both locals and tourists a familiar and convenient option. However In some places especially, at restaurants and cafes, it is not hygienic to use public alafranga toilets. The reason is people generally do not open the seat cover while they urinate and this is unsanitary.

Alafranga toilets have a bidet nozzle or an ablution pipe o clean yourself with the water as a difference from western style closets. A bidet spray nozzle is located within the toilet bowl, it is a small pipe in the backside of the alafranga toilets. Using it, could be more hygienic. After cleaning you can use toilet paper to dry yourself.

Mostly, on toilets sign is written “WC” but in some others written in Turkish characters and it is “Tuvalet”. There are also some Turkish words about to find which one is for men or women:

Kadın, Bayan: Woman

Erkek, Bay: Man

Travelers in Turkey should be prepared to encounter both toilet styles during their journey. In rural areas or historical sites, they are likely to come across Alaturka toilets, which offer a unique window into Turkey’s past. Meanwhile, in urban settings, modern Alafranga toilets provide the comfort and familiarity many travelers are accustomed to.

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