Urgent Services & Hospitals in Istanbul

As a traveler, it’s always wise to know where to turn if a health emergency arises. Istanbul offers various health facilities, from pharmacies to state-of-the-art hospitals. Here’s a brief guide to ensure your stay remains worry-free.

Emegency Numbers in Turkey

There were different 3 digit numbers in Turkey for emergencies, but all of them are the merged now. For all your emergencies, you just need to call 112.

Pharmacies (Eczane in Turkish)

Pharmacies are located throughout the city with a recognizable ”E” (Eczane) letter or word on their sign. They provide essential medicines, and most of the pharmacists have a basic understanding of English. You can check our detailed guide about Pharmacies in Turkey by clicking here.

Private Hospitals in Istanbul

Private hospitals like Acibadem Hospital and Medical Park Istanbul are prominent establishments in the city. They cater to both locals and tourists, offering a range of medical services. These hospitals have a reputation for providing quality healthcare and often employ staff that can communicate in various languages, accommodating the needs of international visitors. Let’s look at some of private hospitals in Turkey:

Acibadem Healthcare Group: This is one of Turkey’s leading private healthcare chains. Acibadem has hospitals spread throughout Istanbul in various neighborhoods. Their facilities are top-notch, and they’re recognized for a wide range of specialties.

Medical Park Hospitals Group: Another major chain in Turkey, Medical Park has multiple locations in Istanbul. They offer comprehensive healthcare services and employ many doctors recognized as leading specialists in their fields.

Florence Nightingale Hospital: Part of the Group Florence Nightingale, this hospital offers a wide range of medical services. The hospital has established a strong reputation over the years, especially in specialties like cardiology, oncology, and orthopedics.

Dünya Göz (Eye) Hospital: If you’re looking for eye specialists, this is one of the most recognized eye hospitals in the country and offers services ranging from basic eye care to complex surgeries.

Koç University Hospital: This hospital is not just a medical institution but also a research and teaching center connected to Koç University, one of the country’s top-tier educational establishments. They have advanced facilities and provide a wide range of medical services.

Public Hospitals

Although they offer comprehensive care, be prepared for potential waiting times due to their busyness. Rest assured, the medical staff at these facilities is highly skilled. There are public hospitals which has well facilities in Istanbul such as Çam ve Sakura City Hospital.

Istanbul, with its mesmerizing sights and sounds, is a destination that leaves an indelible mark on its visitors. While the city ensures an unforgettable journey, it’s comforting to know that quality healthcare is within reach. From public facilities to esteemed private hospitals, Istanbul is equipped to ensure your health and safety. Travel with peace of mind and soak in all the experiences this magnificent city offers. Safe travels!

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