Kizlaraga Medrese, Fatih, Istanbul
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Experience the spiritual transcendence of the Whirling Dervishes Show, a mesmerizing display of Sufi rituals rooted in centuries-old traditions. The ceremony, known as the Sema, embodies the mystical journey of man's ascent through love and devotion. Set in an ambient venue, the entrancing whirls and haunting melodies lead spectators on an evocative journey deep into the heart of Turkish mysticism.


  • Witness the ceremonial elegance of the dervishes, clad in flowing white robes and tall felt hats.
  • Immerse yourself in the haunting strains of traditional music, accompanying the dervishes in their meditative dance.
  • Understand the symbolism behind every movement, reflecting the spiritual journey towards divine love.
  • Experience the aura of deep devotion and unity, resonating in every turn and chant.
  • Absorb the profound serenity that envelops the room, leaving spectators in contemplative awe.

What’s Included

  • Entry to the Whirling Dervishes Show in a historically significant venue.

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Know Before You Go

  • Whirling Dervishes performs every day, except on Tuesdays.
  • The performance starts at 19:00, please be ready at the theatre 15 minutes before.
  • Whirling Dervishes Performance Theater is located in Old City Center.
  • Present your ticket at the entrance and get access to the performance.


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